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Laser or pulsed light treatment sessions are performed by qualified laser clinicians.

A mandatory informative consultation is required prior to performing the sessions to ensure that you do not bear any contraindications. And that ensures you are informed over the course of all sessions.

The principle of long-term or permanent hair removal

Laser or pulsed light hair removal are techniques aiming to the hair destruction.

Intense pulsed light

The Ellipse Light represents the culmination in high technology field dedicated to hair removal.

  This technology, originally dedicated only to hair removal, has 20 years of existence and experimentation in the medical sector.
  This light represents very high and cutting-edge technology.
  This light is perfectly filtered and no longer emits ultraviolet or infrared light.
  It is emitted by successive flashes which intensity and duration are established according to the following parameters hair / skin / areas encountered.

Sessions proceeding

These sessions are short :

  From few minutes for ampits or bikini, to 60 minutes for halve legs.
  20 minutes for a full beard, 45 minutes for a full back.

These sessions are painless :
Only a slight tingling can be felt at the moment of light lightning. This tingling is felt only for a few milliseconds. So it's very fleeting.

Prices examples :

These prices are indicative. They will be customized with your doctor who will adjust them according to the surfaces treated and time spent.

Upper lips : from € 30
Chin : from € 30
Armpits : from € 50
Bikini : from € 60

These treatments are performed by qualified laser specialist doctors trained on medical devices for laser treatments. A debriefing is mandatory before strating sessions.

Other laser applications

To treat red stains or brown stains (irregular pigmentation stains), rosacea, inflammatory acne, rejuvenation (photo-rejuvenation), usually 2 sessions are enough.

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